Distances from Dehradun to Jhansi: Road, Sea, Train, and Air Travel Options

distance from Dehradun to Jhansi

Distance from Dehradun to Jhansi by Road, Sea, Train, and Air

By Road

Traveling from Dehradun to Jhansi by road is a popular choice among travelers. The distance between these two cities is approximately 615 kilometers via NH44. The journey takes around 11-12 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the route taken.

By Sea

As Dehradun is a landlocked city, traveling to Jhansi by sea is not feasible.

By Train

Dehradun and Jhansi are well-connected by train. There are several trains that operate between these two cities, providing a convenient mode of transportation. The approximate distance between Dehradun and Jhansi by train is around 760 kilometers. The journey duration varies depending on the train and route chosen and can take anywhere between 12-15 hours.

By Air

For those looking for a quicker option, traveling from Dehradun to Jhansi by air is a great choice. The nearest airport to Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport, and the nearest airport to Jhansi is Gwalior Airport. There are no direct flights between the two cities, so travelers would need to take a connecting flight via Delhi or another major city. The total distance by air is around 450 kilometers, and the journey can take approximately 3-4 hours, including layovers.

Comparison Table

Mode of Transportation Distance Traveling Time
Road 615 km 11-12 hours
Train 760 km 12-15 hours
Air 450 km 3-4 hours (including layovers)

When planning your journey from Dehradun to Jhansi, consider the various modes of transportation available. If you prefer a scenic road trip, opt for traveling by road. For a quicker option, choose air travel. Train travel is also a convenient choice for those who enjoy the railway experience. Assess your preferences, time constraints, and budget to select the most suitable mode of transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any direct flights from Dehradun to Jhansi?

No, there are no direct flights from Dehradun to Jhansi. Travelers would need to take connecting flights via Delhi or other major cities.

2. How long does it take to reach Jhansi from Dehradun by train?

The journey duration from Dehradun to Jhansi by train can vary between 12-15 hours, depending on the train and route chosen.

3. Which is the most time-efficient mode of transportation?

If time is a crucial factor, traveling by air is the most time-efficient option, taking approximately 3-4 hours (including layovers).

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