All Routes: Distance from Malda to Delhi by Road, Sea, Train, and Air

distance from Malda to Delhi

Distance from Malda to Delhi by Road, Sea, Train, and Air

Malda, a city in West Bengal, India, is known for its historical significance and cultural heritage. Delhi, the capital city of India, is a bustling metropolis and a major tourist destination. If you are planning a trip from Malda to Delhi, it’s essential to know the distances and various modes of transportation available.

Distances from Malda to Delhi

The distances from Malda to Delhi can be covered by road, sea, train, and air. Let’s explore each mode of transportation:

1. Distance from Malda to Delhi by Road

The road distance between Malda and Delhi is approximately 1,450 kilometers. The journey can be covered by car or bus, offering scenic views along the way. The travel time can vary depending on the traffic and road conditions, but it usually takes around 24-26 hours to reach Delhi from Malda by road.

2. Distance from Malda to Delhi by Sea

As Malda is an inland city, traveling from Malda to Delhi by sea is not possible.

3. Distance from Malda to Delhi by Train

Trains are a popular mode of transportation in India. There are no direct trains from Malda to Delhi, but you can take a train from Malda to New Delhi, which is the closest railway station. The approximate distance between Malda and New Delhi is around 1,400 kilometers, and the travel time can range from 20-24 hours, depending on the train and its schedule.

4. Distance from Malda to Delhi by Air

The fastest way to travel from Malda to Delhi is by air. The aerial distance between the two cities is approximately 1,150 kilometers. Several flights operate between Malda and Delhi, with a flight duration of around 2-3 hours. It’s advisable to check for flight schedules and book tickets in advance for a hassle-free journey.

Comparison Table – Distance and Travel Time

Mode of Transportation Distance Travel Time
Road 1,450 km 24-26 hours
Sea Not applicable Not applicable
Train 1,400 km 20-24 hours
Air 1,150 km 2-3 hours

When traveling from Malda to Delhi, the mode of transportation you choose depends on your preferences, budget, and time constraints. While road trips offer the flexibility to explore the countryside, air travel ensures a quick and convenient journey. Trains are a popular choice for those who enjoy the scenic train routes across India. Unfortunately, sea travel is not an option for this route. Consider your priorities and make an informed decision to make your journey enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any direct flights from Malda to Delhi?

No, there are no direct flights from Malda to Delhi. You may need to take connecting flights with layovers.

2. Can I travel from Malda to Delhi by bus?

Yes, you can travel from Malda to Delhi by bus. Several bus services operate on this route, offering both AC and non-AC options.

3. How can I check train schedules and book tickets for the Malda to Delhi route?

You can check train schedules and book tickets online through the official website of Indian Railways or various third-party travel websites.

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