Aizawl to Bangalore: Distances by Road, Sea, Train, and Air

distance from Aizawl to Bangalore

Distance from Aizawl to Bangalore by Road, Sea, Train, and Air

By Road

The distance from Aizawl to Bangalore by road is approximately 2,400 kilometers. The journey takes around 45-50 hours, depending on the route and traffic conditions. It is a long and scenic drive, passing through various states and cities, offering glimpses of India’s diverse landscapes.

By Sea

Unfortunately, there is no direct sea route from Aizawl to Bangalore due to geographical constraints. Aizawl is a landlocked city located in the northeastern part of India. Hence, traveling by sea is not a viable option to reach Bangalore.

By Train

The distance from Aizawl to Bangalore by train is approximately 2,250 kilometers. However, since Aizawl does not have a railway station, one needs to travel to nearby cities like Silchar or Guwahati to catch a train to Bangalore. The journey can take around 45-50 hours, depending on the train and route chosen.

By Air

The most convenient and fastest way to travel from Aizawl to Bangalore is by air. The aerial distance between the two cities is approximately 1,600 kilometers. Several airlines operate regular flights connecting Aizawl and Bangalore. The flight duration is around 3-4 hours, making it the preferred choice for travelers who want to reach Bangalore quickly.

Comparison Table

Mode of Transportation Distance Estimated Travel Time
Road 2,400 kilometers 45-50 hours
Sea N/A N/A
Train 2,250 kilometers 45-50 hours
Air 1,600 kilometers 3-4 hours

In conclusion, the distance from Aizawl to Bangalore varies depending on the mode of transportation chosen. While road and train journeys are possible, they can be time-consuming. The quickest and most convenient option is to travel by air, which significantly reduces travel time. Plan your journey accordingly, considering your preferences and available options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there direct flights from Aizawl to Bangalore?

A: Yes, several airlines operate direct flights between Aizawl and Bangalore, making it a convenient option for travelers.

Q: Can I drive from Aizawl to Bangalore?

A: Yes, you can drive from Aizawl to Bangalore. However, be prepared for a long journey of around 45-50 hours, considering the distance and road conditions.

Q: How can I reach Aizawl from Bangalore?

A: The best way to reach Aizawl from Bangalore is by taking a flight. The journey takes around 3-4 hours, providing a quick and hassle-free travel experience.

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